A Christmas Message From The Brothers of Charity Services

The year 2020, represented through the emergence and continued impact of the global and national Covid-19 pandemic, has delivered some of the greatest and most severe challenges to our health and wellbeing and of all those we hold dear. The very challenging times we all experienced this year in seeking to protect those we love and cherish from the very real risk to life and wellbeing evolved and presented by Covid-19 will live with us all for a very long time.

As 2020 now draws to a close we remember with sadness but also with great fondness those dear people we have lost this year – we will miss them greatly.

We also undoubtedly remain very grateful for the recovery of those who have faced great challenges to their wellbeing through the impact of Covid-19 on us, our families, those we support, our workmates and all those dear to us.

Throughout 2020 however the courageous and determined efforts of many, many staff colleagues across all areas and all activities of the Brothers of Charity Services in England – fully and unequivocally supported by the guiding Ethos and Mission Statement of the Brothers of Charity Services –has played a clear and fundamental role  in driving us to determinedly play our full part – on behalf of all those who depend on us – in continuing to respond to the threat of Covid-19 with great compassion, professionalism and care.

As such and in considering and reflecting on our very challenging journey together through the year we should take the opportunity to recognise that Christmas is a timely and inspiring opportunity to fully remember the shining light of joy and hope that came into the world and to look forward with renewed optimism and positivity to what 2021 will bring for us all in and around the Brothers of Charity Services in England.

Thank you for your incredible efforts and courage throughout the year and please accept all our Best Wishes to you and yours for a wonderful Christmas and a New Year filled with peace and joy.

Darron Grundy – for and on behalf of The Trustees and all of us in and around the Brothers of Charity Services in England.

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