Becky and Dan Film with Meet ‘N’ Match

Becky and Dan from Voice for All, our advocacy group in Lancashire, recently visited the Meet ‘N’ Match office to film a short video about the relationship training they have been delivering to the people we support across our services.

Over the past few years, Becky and Dan have delivered training on a variety of topics, all focusing on the theme of relationships. This included the following courses:

  • Y B Safe – This course is all about how to keep people safe in relationships and covers topics such as; healthy and unhealthy relationships, consent, having people you trust and can talk to, how to say no, and much more!
  •  How to Date – Educating people to understand how relationships progress. This course aims to get people to think about what they are looking for in a future partner and what is deemed as appropriate questions and topics when on a date.
  • Y Talk about Love Sex and Relationships – Highlighting all of the information given in the two previous training sessions, along with a full sex education workshop.

During the film, Becky spoke about how the training has helped with her growing relationship and also why she enjoys delivering the sessions so much. Dan then highlighted the impact the training has had on the people we support and the Brothers of Charity Services as a whole.

Who are Meet ‘N’ Match?

Meet ‘N’ Match are a friendship and dating agency for adults with learning disabilities, who provide an exclusive matching service for their members. Whether this be if people are looking for a friendship or that someone special.

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