BOCS’ Tell Someone Campaign

The Brothers of Charity Services are committed to providing a care quality and care compliance focused workforce which promotes open and honest communication whereby it is both safe and completely acceptable to raise concerns about abuse or conduct.

As an organisation we encourage all staff who have genuine concerns about the service or the way people are being treated to be fully confident in speaking out.  Please tell someone your concerns immediately – this is important so we can deal with them effectively in a timely manner.

We assure you that no member of staff will be subject to any detrimental treatment because they have raised a concerns.

As an organisation the Brothers of Charity Services are committed to being open, honest and transparent. Therefore staff who are concerned about incidents or practices which may be a risk to the people we support, are fully and positively encouraged to raise their concerns so the issue can be addressed and make the service a better place for everyone.

We do hope that you feel fully confident in raising any concerns you have with your line manager, however if your concern is about your line manager or you have told your line manager about a concern you have and nothing has been done you should escalate the information further as soon as possible. There are lots of people you can speak to within the Brothers of Charity Services and you can contact any of the Human Resources Team, any Head of Service, Regional Director of Care or the CEO at any time in full confidence.

Please don’t keep quiet about things that concern you around the care we give to others – tell someone! The Brothers of Charity Services fully encourage staff to speak to someone around their concerns if, however, you feel you cannot do this you can always choose to make the disclosure anonymously. If this is the way you want to proceed please make sure you give us as much information as you possibly can.

When reporting concerns, we do however ask that you do not disclose any information relating to the concern to anyone outside the Brothers of Charity Services until we have had a chance to gather the initial information and address or report the incident, if required. We will immediately follow the relevant policies and escalate the concern; this may involve the local Safeguarding Teams, Care Quality Commission or the Police. If however you have escalated your concern inside of the organisation and up to the CEO and still no one has listened to you, then you can and should contact the local Safeguarding Team or the Care Quality Commission or the Police.

Please do not hesitate to speak out, we aim to make The Brothers of Charity Services a safe and fun environment for staff and people we support at all times.

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