Case Study: Food-Based Enterprise Placements

Becky is supported by the Brothers of Charity Services’ and have taken up placements within the food-based enterprise team in central Lancashire. These placements aim to develop their skills and confidence in a practical training environment.

Here, they both tell us a little more about what they do within the food-based enterprise team;

Becky Says…Becky Roccoco

“My favourite thing about being supported in the food-based enterprises is being able to meet so many new people, from the public to the people that are supported alongside me — I really enjoy working in a team!

“In my placements, I work front-of-house, serving customers at the till and waiting tables. At first I found this quite scary but staff were there to support me and my confidence has really grown….I also feel like I’ve learnt a lot which helps! We get really busy sometimes and this did used to make me anxious but now I just see it as a challenge and an opportunity to use the skills I’ve built up, but I also know I can go and speak to my team leader anytime if I have a problem.”


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