Come Dine With Me Takes The Brothers of Charity

A number ladies from our Lancashire Services have taken part in their very own Come Dine With Me competition. Helen got the ball rolling as she invited Jenny and Emma round to enjoy a lovely home cooked meal made by Helen herself, with the help of her support worker Elaine.

Helen set the bar very high with her delicious menu. The ladies started off with a Prawn Cocktail, which went down very well. This was then followed by juicy beef burgers, topped with crispy bacon and cheese, with a side of salad, potato and sweet potato wedges and onion rings. For desert was Helen’s mum’s recipe which of course was made from scratch- a fabulous strawberry cheesecake. Well done Helen, what an amazing menu!

The votes where then taken from Jenny and Emma and kept secret till the end of the competition. It’s now time for Jenny and Emma to think of a winning menu and host their very own dinner party.

A selection of our male clients are also joining in the fun, picking their best menu to impress the others. We will be sure to keep you updated with how they get on.

At the end of the competition, the winner of the girls will face a cook off with the winner of the boys. They will both invite one guest each along to determine the overall winner. The winner will be announce shortly- good luck everyone!

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