Social Enterprises

Across the English Services, we are able to offer a range of social enterprise options for adults and young people with additional needs; these services are designed to support people to develop skills and confidence in a supportive working environment whilst offering a valued service in the heart of the local community.

The learning and development of each person supported is at the forefront of our enterprises’ ethos – whether it be developing soft skills such as time-management and flexibility, technical skills in relation to a particular work environment/industry or simply growing in confidence and making new friends. People are supported in a small group setting by industry professionals, with placements currently offered in the following areas;

  • Catering
  • Horticulture
  • Retail
  • Printing
  • Recycling
  • Media
  • Customer service
  • Animal care
  • The arts

As a part of a person’s placement we are also able to provide support from our internal job coaches, who will support each person in achieving any work-based goals and in sourcing additional work experience or paid work if desired.

We also provide training programmes and apprenticeships for adults not in employment, education or training through CaritaSE by the Brothers of Charity Services. The traineeships and apprenticeships are provided in horticulture, retail, maintenance and decorating.

These training programmes offer the chance for some of the most marginalised people in society to learn valuable skills to increase their chance of future employment.

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