Lancashire Services Find New Hobbies During Lockdown

Keeping yourself busy is more important than ever at the moment, but our Lancashire Services have had nothing but fun during their time at home.

Ian, William and Tracey have been rustling up some tasty treats for everyone to enjoy. From cupcakes to fruit jelly, they’ve tried it all and we are sure you will agree it all looks delicious!

With spending more time in the garden enjoying the glorious weather, Ian, William and Tracey thought it would be a good idea to plant some seeds in their garden pots ready for the summer months. We can’t wait to see them blossom into beautiful flowers.

Sarah and Emma have found many different ways to make use of their time at home such as arts and craft sessions and Easter games. They especially loved showing off their best dance moves to their support workers and lighting up the day with some glow sticks. They even brought out their starry sunglasses for the occasion. Looking good ladies!

What have you been up to during lockdown?

It’s great to see what everyone has been up to so please send in your pictures to, we would love to share them with everyone!

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