Supported Employment

CaritaSE by the Brothers of Charity

CaritaSE by the Brothers of Charity was established in England to deliver the Brothers of Charity’s wider mission statement to provide creative and flexible employment support models for marginalised and disadvantaged people other than those people with a learning disability in receipt of commissioned social care funding.It’s aims are to engage with communities across many areas delivering cohesive, community based opportunities. We will achieve these through developing positive community impact, creating meaningful community relationships and deliver valued and sustainable community engagement outcomes.


JobSPEC is our Supported Employment service which helps people to find and maintain employment. Each year a number of people make the transition from the Social Enterprises into paid work. It has developed over 60 opportunities for people into a wide range of types of employment such as clerical, catering, classroom assistant, caretaker, supermarket assistant, vehicle valeting and garden centre assistant roles.

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