Mark and Darren Reconnect with Nature at Communitree Event

01/08/19 |


Mark, one of our clients from our Greater Manchester Services, attended an outdoor nature event with Lead Support worker, Darren.

The event was being run by Communitree, who are helping people of all ages reconnect with nature. The idea is to teach you about the forest and surrounding areas, how important nature is and how good the fresh air is for you. They encourage people to enjoy the outside, put down your phone and simply live in the moment in the beautiful surroundings of the woods.

Mark and Darren got to cook over an open fire, make flower arrangements and necklaces out of wood whilst being surrounding by the tall trees and the simplicity of the forest. Darren said it was a great day out and would highly recommend it!

Find out more about Communitree and their upcoming events here.