Nursing Team Woodlands View & Manor View

For remaining consistent with care and support delivered to service users within the last 12 months and making a difference to the people we support. This approach has resulted in service users having the ability to move from the nursing home setting to supported living schemes following serious physical and mental health deterioration.


Example of going the extra mile

One gentleman who was admitted to nursing services WLV was considered to require end of life care due to a significant deterioration in his physical health. Through a person centred approach the staff team providing care and support that promoted well being and independence, after a period of time, last year the gentleman moved on to a supported living scheme. The move was upsetting for the team as relationships had been made, however support was given to ensure the best possible outcome for him and he now is supported within the community in his own tenancy.


One Lady who was admitted to Manor View was poorly due to significant physical and mental health deterioration. This was a worrying time for the community staff that had supported her for a long period of time and family members. The team on Manor View worked closely with them and family to ensure the best possible outcome. She also is now looking for new accommodation as a tenant and with the support from the team on Manor View a positive outcome will be achieved. They have ensured her aspirations and wishes have been recognised and not forgotten during a difficult time. They are supporting her to move on whilst encouraging excitement and hope for the future.