Christmas Card Competition Winners 2019

25/11/19 |


This year’s Christmas card competition winners have been chosen! We have had so many amazing entries from everyone across the England services; we found it extremely hard to pick our winners!

We have finally chosen the 4 cards that really stood out to us and felt like they expressed Christmas perfectly.


Congratulations to Group 3 from The Resource Centre. We loved the abstract Christmas tree design you all created; the bright, bold colours grab your attention and is a different take on the traditional Christmas tree.

Also congratulations to George Bennett at Imageink! Your snow globe design in felt material is very original and the fluffy texture brings the image to life.

Click here to view Merseyside’s winning designs.


Congratulations to Rebecca Crosby from Creative Arts! Your fantastic wreath design is very creative and the colours caught our attention.

Also congratulations to Caroline McClelland from Creative Arts for your amazing design. Using a mixture of green card and tree images to create a Christmas tree is a fabulous idea!

Click here to view Lancashire’s winning designs.

Thank you to everyone who submitted a Christmas card and to the support that was given to make them. The effort that has been put in to creating the designs was superb!