First Responder PPE Video

13/07/20 |


In order to highlight the visual and initially challenging impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic PPE on people with a Learning Disability and also staff, Daniel Hall, our Regional Advocacy and Community Engagement Coordinator and Adam McGowan from SelectionBOCS, have created this wonderful video that addresses the concerns and visual impact of emergency / first responders PPE. We have found this can and has caused significant disturbance and concern to those experiencing first hand.

The video itself seeks to calmly and appropriately address, inform, explain and assure both clients and staff of the reality of the compassionate people, support and care behind the masks and PPE that may appear in a heated Covid 19 situation. We aim to ensure people can seek to remain calm and supportive during a Paramedic emergency intervention as opposed to concerned and fearful, as the sight of a fully PPE kitted out apparition suddenly appears with sirens wailing and blue lights blazing in a care location.

We hope you find this video useful and help ease some of the stress in these worrying times.

Click here to view the video.