Domiciliary Care

The Brothers of Charity Services in Greater Manchester is able to offer a dynamic domiciliary support service across the Greater Manchester region including areas such as Bury, Rochdale and Stockport. The domiciliary support service offers people the support they need in their own home, enabling them to carry out daily activities that they cannot manage on their own.

The domiciliary support service provides support to people when they are needed, carrying out care in the community visits tailored to each individual person. It may be support in the mornings to get up, prepare breakfast and shower to preparing dinner and going to bed at the end of the day. The frequency and length of visits depend on the number of one to one hours each person requires.


Personal Care for elderly people

The Brothers of Charity Services in Greater Manchester also provide personal care to elderly people as part of the domiciliary support service. This service is delivered with an emphasis on choice and control for the end-user, supporting elderly people within an agenda of dignity and respect to remain within a community-based setting and maintain their independence.

Some of the things the domiciliary support service may be able to help with are;

  • Community access, including attending support groups or healthcare appointments
  • Personal care and mobility support – this might include working in partnership with occupational therapists to facilitate any rehabilitative interventions
  • Developing / maintaining daily living skills
  • Specific daily living tasks