Les To The Rescue For The Walled Garden

05/07/20 |


January at The Walled Garden got off to a great start with staff and clients already preparing for the forth coming spring, sowing flower and vegetable seeds. Everything was on track for success with the seedlings blossoming into beautiful plants. Until, along came the Coronavirus Pandemic and everything had to come to a stop. Unfortunately for The Walled Garden, their usual sales route had now been blocked.

With lots of uncertainty for The Walled Garden, staff and clients where concerned with what was about to happen. But not to worry, along came Les the wonderful volunteer to the rescue. Due to people not being able to travel and limited to one hour exercise a day, people were using the public footpath outside his house to access the local park. Les then came up with the great idea to use this to their advantage, by selling plants from his front garden to anyone who comes by (of course sticking to the rules of social distancing). With the help of some fine weather, this was a great success and Les managed to raise an amazing total of over £400! What a great way to turn these worrying times into such a positive experience. Well done Les!