Our Visions and Values and Mission Statement

Our Visions and Values and Mission Statement

Our aim is to ensure all people have opportunities to learn and develop their individuality, to lead their lives as independently as possible and that everyone is treated with equity, dignity and respect.
The Brothers of Charity Services in England offers a range of services, in partnership with local community groups, housing associations and local businesses, to help people with learning disabilities integrate into society and to help them find their rightful place within the community.

Who we are:

We are Brothers of Charity Services. We give help and support to people who need some extra support to live their lives.

What we do:

The people who use our services are the most important people to us. We listen to what everybody has to say and work with them to make things happen.

We want to give people the best support so that:

  • They are treated well
  • They are their own person and can live their own life to the full
  • They are part of things
  • They are able to make the most of what they can do.

What is important to us:


We know everyone has different needs. We respect each person for who they are and how they want to live. We will tell people about the work we are doing and always be open and honest.

Good relationships

We will help people work together with others who are important in their life. This will help people to:

  • Get the support they need
  • Spend time with friends and get to know new people
  • Be part of their local community

Being involved

We want everyone to be treated in a good and fair way. We will support people to know their rights and make their own choices.

Getting it right

We want our services to be the best. We want the people we support to show us how we can do this together. We want to celebrate good news and success together.

Mission Statement

The Brothers of Charity, rooted in the values of the Christian Gospels, engage with all people of goodwill in building a better world for every human being and, most especially, for people who are in danger of being downtrodden.

The Brothers of Charity Services in England are committed to supporting people with a learning disability as valued and equal citizens in the community. In keeping with our vision and defining characteristics we work in co-operation with the statutory authorities and with families and relevant others to develop supports and services responsive to the choices, hopes and aspirations of each individual.