Pension Scheme

NEST was set up by the government to make auto enrolment assimple as possible. It’s an easy and low-cost scheme that helps you put money aside for later in life.

Automcatic Enrolment

You’ll be automatically enrolled into NEST if you’re: • At least 22 and under
State Pension age •Working in the UK •Earning over £10,000 a year.

● You will recieve contributions to your retirement pot from your employer.
● If you’re not automatically enrolled you can ask to be if your age 16 to 75.

Your Online Account

You can log into your online account whenever you want and see what’s being paid into your retirement pot.

When can I take my money out?

You can take your money out of NEST at any point from your 55th birthday.

Opting out

You can choose to opt out of the scheme within one month of enrolment. Please contact Payroll in your area to opt out. You can find out more at

Find out more…

For more information visit Or contact Payroll in your area.