Volunteers enrich the service we offer by contributing their gifts, time and personalities. All relationships are mutual and in return volunteers get the opportunity to use their gifts in a way that makes a real difference. Volunteering can happen on a regular basis in any dimension of the service or on a more irregular basis by giving your time or energy for a specific pastoral event. We always warmly welcome any enquires for support.

If you would like to volunteer with the Brothers of Charity in Lancashire, we would love to hear from you!

Our volunteering opportunities in Lancashire include:

  • The Marina Café in Adlington and Roccoco Coffee Lounge in Leyland are both looking for volunteers to work as part of a team in a busy café environment.
  • Volunteers are needed in the Walled Garden, Worden Park, particularly to help with the ‘Potting Shed Pets’. Rabbits, chipmunks, guinea pigs etc need regular care and attention.
  • Crafty Uniforms at 58 Pall Mall, Chorley would welcome some new volunteers to help with the arts and crafts materials and recycled school uniforms.
  • Inprint Solutions at King Street are looking for volunteers to work as part of the team in the professional design and print centre.

Many of the people we support would greatly value the opportunity to develop 1-1 friendships with volunteers who have a couple of hours to spare in the week.

In today’s economic climate, this is needed more than ever, to ensure that the people who use our services can access opportunities which would not be available to them without support and which makes their life rich and meaningful.

This could involve:

  • A trip into Chorley town centre for a walk on the park, or a stroll round the market.
  • A walk to the pub for a drink and a chat.
  • Going to watch football with another football fan!
  • Attending a brass band concert.
  • Bowling, cinema……. and lots more opportunities to develop a true friendship and to participate in interests and hobbies.