SelectionBOCS is a leisure and life-skills Social Enterprise based at Lisieux Hall which offers a  variety of ‘clubs’, each having a separate theme on each day of the week.;

Tuesdays sees SelectionBOCs hosting a cutting edge digital music recording and sound engineering suite (Music BOCs) with future projects including going out into the community to record ‘sounds’ which can be re-engineered and incorporated into their next soundscape masterpiece!

Art BOCs (Wednesdays) is a real hub of creativity. The closely knit team of creative artists are exploring the use of costume and set design in theatre and television and are supported to create artwork based around their learning. As a part of this programme people are supported to visit local and regional exhibitions and art installations to glean inspiration in designing and fabricating their own pieces of art and craft including elements of costume design, architectural design and installation art.

Thursday is Soap BOCs day! Local news items, topics of local interest and burning issues are explored and recorded. Those accessing the service are involved in interviewing local people on local matters or on any future plans within Chorley and the surrounding areas. This is digitally recorded and edited and transformed into a podcast, ready for broadcast.


Have a look at some of the fun activities we do at Selection BOCS here.