Volunteer Pathways

Would you like to volunteer with the Brothers of Charity Services in Lancashire?

INTERESTED – contact the volunteer co-ordinator by phone or email.

VISIT – they will arrange an initial visit, find out your interests, tell you something about the organisation and look at areas that might meet both our needs.

APPLICATION – fill in an application form and a CRB form.

VISITS – whilst these are being processed visit possible placement areas and get to know us a little better.

START – when your clearance comes through the volunteer co-ordinator will arrange a mutually convenient start date. You will be given induction support as you begin your placement and an opportunity to meet other volunteers new and old.

SUPPORT – ongoing support will be offered to you and the opportunity to avail of in-service training.

REVIEW – some feel at home straight away in their area of choice, for others it may take a little time and some may request the opportunity to try a different work area. The organisation is big enough to have a niche for all. The review is an informal opportunity to chat about this.

DESTINATION – a mutually enriching experience which meets everyone’s needs.