Health BOCS Update July 2019

21/06/19 |


Welcome to the Health BOCS Update, the monthly update on Health and Wellbeing activities at The Brothers of Charity Services in England.

June Promotion

As part of Health BOCS, the Brothers of Charity Services’ health and wellbeing programme, throughout May we promoted, Disability Awareness Week, National Volunteers Week, Diabetes Awareness Week and National Carers Week.

Disability Awareness Week

Disability Awareness Week 2018 aims to spread the word about the problems people with a learning or psychical disability can face in getting good healthcare in hospital, and how we can change this.

They want to involve NHS staff in the Treat Me Well campaign- giving them the chance to hear from people with a disability and to think of the minor changes they can make which would make a huge difference to those with a disability.

They are aiming to give individuals with a learning/psychical disability and NHS staff to celebrate and share good practice, and to work together to improve care that isn’t good enough.

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National Volunteers Week

This year, Volunteer’s Week is about volunteering for all- celebrating the huge range of people who give their time in so many ways. As well as helping others, volunteering has been shown to also improve volunteers’ health and wellbeing too.

When thanking any volunteers this year, take a moment to remember each and every one of them. For trustees and campaigners to carers and fundraisers, this is a great time to think about the effort and contribution volunteers make.

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Diabetes Awareness Week

Diabetes is predicted to become a huge crisis for the future health of the UK’s population. It is a health condition that can have major impact on someone’s life and once at an advanced stage, diabetes can cause a host of other health complications. The disease affects more people in the UK than any other serious health condition. There are 4.6 million Type 1 sufferers and an estimated 12.3 million people that are potential type 2 diabetics.

Raising awareness of diabetes and what changes people can make in order to reduce their risk is the main aim of the charity. They are also involved with campaigning, funding research and offering support and advice to current sufferers. Diabetes UK has many resources for professionals who are involved in diabetic health care, including information on best practice and up to date research findings.

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National Carers Week

National Carers Week is an annual campaign to raise awareness of caring, highlight the challenges carers face and recognise the contribution they make the families and communities throughput the UK.

The campaign is brought to life by thousands of individuals and organisations who come together to organise activities and events throughout the UK, drawing attention to just how important caring is.

This Carers Week, we are coming together to build communities that support health and wellbeing carers. Around 6.5 million people in the UK are carers, looking after a parent, partner, child or friend. A carer is someone who provides unpaid care and support to a family member or friend who has a disability, illness, mental health problem or who need extra help as they grow older. Caring can be a hugely rewarding experience but sometimes carers find it challenging to take care of their own well-being whilst caring.

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July promotion

As part of Health BOCS, the Brothers of Charity Services’ health and wellbeing programme, throughout July we will be promoting: our annual Heritage Day and Medicash / Staff Benefits.

Heritage Day

The Brothers of Charity Services invites you to Heritage Day 2019 at Lisieux Hall, Chorley, on Friday 12th July from 12pm to 4pm.

Join us to celebrate the heritage of the Brothers of Charity Services. The theme for our summer event will be advocacy!

There will be something for everyone on the day including: BOCS Production of Joseph, Sing and Sign Choir, Ice Cream, Football Match, Pets’ Corner, The Walled Garden, Crafty Uniforms, Home-made cakes by Roccoco, Face-painting, Play Your Cards Right, Hot Food, African Drumming Performance, Tombola, Live Music from TABU, and much more!

Everyone is welcome to join us from our services and the local community!

Medicash / staff benefits

Your Medicash healthcare plan covers yourself and up to 4 children (until their 24th Birthday in full time education)

You can receive cash back on every day healthcare bills such as dental and optical. Cash back is also available on a range of treatments, therapies and much more.

Medicash covers every day essentials:

Routine Dental Treatment- per adults: £55/ Per child: £27.50 (Half of the annual limit can be claimed towards dental care plan fees. Medicash will only pay dental care premiums where paid for by the individual)

Dental Accident and Injury- per adults: £150

Optical- per adults: £55/ per child £27.50

Making a claim (once completed probation)

Ask for receipt from your practitioner after you have received and paid for your healthcare treatment. You can then either:

Complete a claim form by filling the form in online, printing it out the posting it to Medicash along with your receipts.

Make a claim through the Medicash app- removing the need to post your receipts!

Your claim can be paid directly into your bank or by cheque. As well as the app staff can now access their Medicash via