The Brothers of Charity Services Celebrate Achieving Customer Service Excellence Full Compliance

18/01/19 |


Customer Service Excellence Full Compliance

In Autumn 2018, The Brothers of Charity Services in England was assessed for the Customer Service Excellence and Investors in People Accreditations. Both accreditations assessed the service quality and performance across the Services for internal and external customers, colleagues and stakeholders.

The Customer Service Excellence assessor, Hugh Keachie carried out a second surveillance visit for the Lancashire Services, while the Merseyside and Greater Manchester Services received a first surveillance visit in October 2018.

During the annual surveillance visits, the Assessor met with groups of stakeholders to establish the level of care and support that is provided not only for people using the services but also their family, friends and the Brothers of Charity Services employees.

The English Services demonstrated excellent practice in providing relevant evidence and co-operation giving access to all areas of provision during its Customer Service Excellence assessment.

The Brothers of Charity Services achieved full compliance across the English Services. They also received compliance plus, through demonstrating customer service that went above and beyond the expected level of compliance.

Across all areas compliance plus was achieved by positive changes to services as a result of analysing customer experience, including improved customer journeys (1.3.5), through the new phone system enabling calls to be transferred between all services.

Merseyside and Greater Manchester also received Compliance Plus for demonstrating commitment to developing and delivering customer focused services through recruitment, training and development policies for staff (2.2.1). Achieved through the comprehensive induction and training program which is available to all staff and includes the involvement of customers in the Welcome Day.

CSE Compliance Plus is awarded when evidence is provided which illustrates ‘customer’ support and services which goes above and beyond the practice of similar providers and also demonstrates innovation.

Darron Gundy, CEO of the Brothers of Charity Services in England, commented: “On behalf of the Trustees of the Brothers of Charity Services, we would like to express our grateful thanks to our valued colleagues who all play a key part in continuing to animate positive engagement through, in this context, excellent customer service standards recognised in the objectively assessed Customer Services Excellence Compliance and Compliance Plus awards.

Reflecting on our recent achievements as a team across the Services we can indeed continue to be very proud to represent the Brothers of Charity Services so positively in being awarded the Investors in People Gold Award and now Customer Services Excellence Compliance and Compliance Plus standards. Both awards illustrate our continued committed approach to ensuring high quality care and compliance delivery facilitated through a positive and supportive environment for all our staff colleagues and teams to develop and grow as people and as professionals resulting in continuous improvement both for themselves, and for the people we are privileged to support, which is truly inspirational to witness in reflecting our Mission Statement in action”.