Alex Gwozdziowska Support Worker & Lead Support Worker

For her outstanding work and support across the Lisieux Hall Nursing Home Services.

Example of going the extra mile

As part of Alex’s role, she takes a lead in management and leadership at the Lisieux Hall Nursing Home Woodlands Annex. Her approach to person centered support and care planning has been exceptional, her level of detail is outstanding.

The people supported at the Woodlands Annex have limited ability to communicate. As part of each person’s care plan, Alex creatively uses pictorial evidence and photographs of the person, with descriptions of their facial expressions and what they might mean. She also uses photographs to show the correct positioning for daily activities such as using wheelchairs and sleeping.

This enables the whole support team for each person, and their family to understand the person’s needs more and to offer the correct support and care. A recent CQC Safeguarding inspection commented on Alex’s care planning work as outstanding.

Alex has also found the perfect balance for her dual role to work; she has brilliant leadership skills and motivates the Woodlands Team in both of her roles.