Nick Middleton- Hands on Gardening Support Worker

Nick has gone above and beyond last month by arranging to take part in some community woodworking activities at TheyEatCulture in the centre of Preston.

Nick has supported his teams to go and work on a large scale woodworking project to build a large structure. This structure is then going to be travelling around the country during the summer, running sessions in dance and storytelling within areas of isolation and loneliness. The people we support have met so many people from lots of different walks of life who are all keen to develop their woodworking and social skills through TheyEatCulture.

One member of the team has been developing his language skills with Nick’s support. Andrew has been talking to a Syrian man who is keen to develop his English. Andrew and Mohamed have been teaching each other different words; and with the help and support of Nick they have not only developed their language skills but also a great friendship as well.