Sam Atkinson, Lead Support Worker- Specialist Support

For the excellent support that he gives to his team, enabling a large team of new staff to give quality support to the people with some of the most complex needs in the services living at the Beeches.

Example of going the extra mile

Sam supports his team, made up of support workers who are completely new to the job to support people with complex needs. Sam has worked really hard over the past year and has successfully transitioned four new people into the Beeches. During this time, he has also had to induct, mentor and support new staff. Throughout this period, Sam’s leadership skills have ensured that the quality of support has been maintained.

There are two people living in the Beeches who previously needed to be restrained up to three times a day, everyday.

Recently, for the first time, one person was able to go shopping in Tesco, choosing her own groceries with the support of their support worker. Sam has supported and given his team confidence to take positive risks with people. Now this person is down to one intervention each fortnight, which is a massive improvement.

Another person who is supported through day services was taught in isolation away from their class, physical intervention was used in and out of school every day. Through Sam’s leadership, physical intervention has not been used with this person for 12 months and can now be taken out of their plan.

These examples both show great improvements in the care provided to people living at the Beeches though the support and confidence that Sam gives to his team to give high quality support to the people that they support. Sam is also continually reviewing his performance and is always eager to work better.

A family member commented that the transition of his daughter into the Brothers of Charity Services at the Beeches could not have gone any better!