Alec Airey- Support Worker, Thingwall Area

Alec Airey has gone above and beyond in his support for a client who has experienced seizure activity which hasn’t occurred in over 10 years. During this time Alec provided an extremely high level of support to the client.

Alec ensured that the emergency services were contacted and relayed all of the correct information to them. He ensured that the client was comfortable and that his care plan was followed with regards to treatment, choice, needs etc. Alex maintained contact with the client’s family throughout the initial journey to hospital. On the day of admission Alex stayed with the client until 11pm through his own choice to ensure that the client was settled and that he had received an update from the responsible doctor before he went home. Alex then returned to the hospital the following day to support the client to ensure that thee was consistency in the support being provided. During this time, which was difficult for all those involved, Alex remained professional and always acted in the best interest of the client he was supporting.