Mike Hardman, Gary O’Connor and Sharron Clements – Liverpool Services

The staff at Thorntree saw one of the people we support go into hospital with confirmed Covid 19. When he came home, he required 14 days isolation.  Mike Hardman, along with Gary O’Connor and Sharron Clements, worked the 14 days between them, ensuring that the other tenant had his support and he was kept at a safe distance from the client with Covid 19. All three staff delivered support over and above their duty ensuring the house was safe. They worked overtime but did not put it on their timesheets, ensuring that events in the house took place such as arts and crafts. They really are a shining example of why we are in this line of work. 

The client, his family and the family of the other man we support in the property, all pass on their gratitude for the support Mike, Gary and Sharron have provided during this difficult time. Chris Kinsey, Area Coordinator for our Liverpool Services has said ‘Thank you so much for all you have done during this awful event, the client is now at home and has recovered, all thanks to the three musketeers!’