Beryl- Support Worker, Thingwall Services

Whilst a client was transitioning between locations, Beryl, a staff member for our Thingwall Services, played a very important role in offering support and reassurance, going the extra mile with the fantastic support she gave.

The client was anxious about the move but Beryl regularly supported her to visit the location and dealt with the challenged that came her way. Beryl would sit with the client and talk to her, explaining where she was and why she was there. She offered guidance and supported the client when she was navigating around the new location.

Beryl has proved to be an asset when supporting the client into the community as she was refusing to go out with the staff, but with Beryl there she has now been able to build a relationship with the staff team.

The client has now settled into the location and feels comfortable enough to be supported out with her staff team, beryl has worked additional days during this transition which proved to be valuable to the whole transition process.