St Helens and Knowsley Services

August 2018

Staff team at Ansdell Drive for their continued support for one of their clients who has had on-going health issues. The staff team has worked extremely well with all the health professionals involved in the clients care and have continued to support the client on a daily basis in hospital, ensuring she receives the best care possible, as well as continue to support their other clients in the location.

July 2018

 Staff team at Chester Road for supporting a Service User during his 2 week assessment period. Staff worked around the clock monitoring and documenting his seizure activity whilst continuing to support him to access the community and make the most of the additional hours he was given by doing all the things he enjoys. At the same time the staff team continued to support him whilst going through a difficult review period with the council. The staff have maintained the highest standard of care and support through this period, and their hard work has been appreciated.

June 2018

The staff teams at Higher Road, Edenhall Drive and New Hutte Lane for supporting service users to move into their new homes and organising a welcome party at Edenhall.