Thingwall Services – Nursing Care

August 2018

IP in the nursing home came into work on her day off to escort AR to the Royal Liverpool Hospital for procedure. She wanted to do this to ensure AR had a familiar face and was concerned she may become anxious during the procedure. IP stayed with AR throughout the procedure. Nurses commented on how attentive she was and praised the nursing home.

July 2018

Thank you to the nursing and residential teams for working in extreme weather conditions this period. The constant heat has been a challenge and ensuring service users remain comfortable and safe. Visiting the areas it is evident the staff are attentive and reacting to the needs of the service users on a day to day basis. There has been no sickness in the nursing home during this period which reflects the commitment of staff.

June 2018

Thank you to the nursing team for preparing the party for the Royal Wedding. It was a great time for service users and families to spend quality time enjoying themselves. Families compliment the staff and the day was enjoyed by all. The staff decorated the home with traditional decorations and decorations made by the staff and service users. An actual size portrait was made for the foyer and families commented on the home and how staff were attentive on the day.