Toni Longley- Support Worker, Thingwall Services

During March, Toni was part of the 5 Willow Close staff team who provided excellent palliative/end of life care to a client who lived in the location. Toni showed her commitment and dedication to the client throughout the month by providing the care that the client needed.

Toni went above and beyond her role when receiving the news that the client only had a few hours left to live, she made the decision that she would stay at the client’s bedside to ensure that he wasn’t alone when he passed. The ‘few hours’ the client was expected to have left turned into 3 days. Toni decided to stay with him for two continuous days and then returned to him when she was informed of changes to his health.

Toni stayed with the client until he passed and then provided all necessary care and support needed afterwards. Her care and attention for the client was professional and dedicated and provided the client with comfort throughout his final days.