Joanna, Tracey, Helen, Joanna, Lorraine, Ashley, Amy, Christine, Chloe, Karen, Teresa, Bernadette and Marie- Support Workers, St Helens and Knowsley Area

Our staff team from our St Helens and Knowsley Services helped support one of our longest clients who recently moved to nursing care, however, unfortunately passed away on 31st January 2019.

Amanda was supported by our services since 1991, and our staff team provided her with the best care and support when her health deteriorated. Our staff ensured that Amanda’s needs were met at all times, whilst making sure the other clients living in this location continued to live healthy and happy lives.

The support workers worked alongside health professionals, attended meetings and made sure Amanda was a comfortable as she could be at all times. They all showed how competent and professional they were and continued to be very involved in Amanda’s life once she had moved. All of their hard work and commitment has been very much appreciated.