Liverpool Services

August 2018

The staff team at Greenfield Road for arranging SM’s birthday party at Thingwall Hall and making it a really enjoyable day. The staff team came to Thingwall Hall and decorated the room and arranged for the mobile zoo to attend as a surprise.

July 2018

The staff and management team at Nicander Road and Culzean Close for the smooth transition of clients moving from Nicander Road to Culzean Close. Everyone worked together to ensure this move went as smoothly as possible and coordinating the removal of the specialist equipment etc on the correct days and that Nicander Road was left in a good standard before Progress Housing took control of the property. 

June 2018

The Lead Support Worker (LSW) at Culzean Close for her dedication and commitment to the service. The LSW has been supporting family members with the loss of a client and arranging funerals etc. She has also has been very supportive with Progress housing in ensuring they had all the information they needed when dealing with a tenancy termination.