Thingwall Services – Supported Living

August 2018

The staff team at Mount Caritas have had a new client move in this month. The new client PK was excited and anxious about the move. Due to the caring nature and additional work the staff team at Mount Caritas have completed the move has been successful. In the short space of a week a huge difference can be seen in PK regarding how he is presenting himself. The first night PK was distressed and displayed some challenging behaviours. Now he is settled, happy and becoming more and more independent with completing tasks in the home. PK is able to walk independently around Mount Caritas this is something that he wouldn’t usually do and he has also started to take his dishes out to the kitchen again something that he has not done before. The progression in PK is due to the hard work of the staff team at the location to ensure that his transition has been smooth and positive throughout.

July 2018

Ann Prayle WVC. In order to celebrate JL 71st Birthday on the 29th June Ann chose to make him a birthday cake in her own time at home. Ann made this cake by following the colours of the rainbow each layer of the cake representing a different colour. Ann put a lot of time and effort into making this cake for JL and it was greatly appreciated.

Lisa Burns 5W. One of the clients (CT) at 5 Willow Close became very ill very suddenly. Due to the fast reactions of Lisa, CT was able to get the medical attention that he needed. Lisa noticed that 076something wasn’t right with CT as he lay in bed she noticed that his right side had become “floppy”. Due to Lisa raising the alarm she was able to be advised to call an ambulance immediately. CT was taken to hospital and it was found that he had had a stroke. CT was able to receive the required medical treatment and is currently making fantastic progress in his rehabilitation. This has all only been possible due to the vigilance and fast acting response that Lisa was able to provide to him.

June 2018

Lorraine Littler, Team at the Resource Centre – for creating the scrap book for TR sister as this gesture was very much appreciated and a very personal memory.

COB – For undertaking the Rock and Roll marathon in his own time for a very worthy cause, he put in a lot of training and also submitted a prize within the centre for the staff member who could guess the most accurate time that COB would finish the race, this generated additional funds and also increased team spirit following TR passing away.