Thomas Lane Supported Living Team

For turning the service around in the past 18 months and providing excellent person-centered support to the people living at Thomas Lane.

Example of going the extra mile

In the past 18 months under Rachel’s leadership, the team’s moral has been raised and they have been able to support the people at Thomas Lane to develop their independence and living skills to become valuable members of the community. The residents are now talking to people outside the house, engaging in conversation, making trips to go shopping and to socialize in Liverpool.

The people that the team support are now more able to look after themselves, and are able to carry out day to day tasks such as cleaning, taking more care in their appearance, and have gained more confidence. Healthcare professionals have commented on the turnaround as being remarkable!

Although the hours have recently been cut, the team still give everything that they have got and go above and beyond in all of their duties. The team provides excellent person-centered support, as the mental health and wellbeing of the people living in Thomas Lane is vital.