St Helens and Knowsley Area Best Practice June 2017

Chester Road: For the ability to deal with complex challenges.

The support team at Chester Road have recently helped a client who although very able, was challenging, transition into a positive role model. With excellent support and a person centred approach from the staff team, the necessary steps have been taken to address his challenging behaviour by attending anger management classes which have enabled him to talk about issues with the staff team and management. This has also given him the confidence to engage in different activities with new people.

By having a consistent and dedicated staff team, this client now attends arts and craft classes, and has completed Maths, English and IT courses. He also volunteers at the British Heart Foundation and is now looking for paid employment.

Ansdell Drive: For building positive relationships with others.

The team at Ansdell Drive support 5 clients who are non-verbal and also have quite complex health needs, varying from epilepsy, blindness and physical disabilities. The team is always going above and beyond to enable the clients to live extremely fulfilled lives. The ‘MerseyBOCS’ magazine often showcases the great work that this team carries out, including enabling the clients to engage in new and varied activities such as sensory rooms, aromatherapy, holidays, pamper days and visits from the music man.

The team at Ansdell Drive has built positive relationships with the health professionals such as district nurses, physiotherapists and the SALTS teams, always ensuring that the needs of the clients are met.

Higher Road: For providing outstanding palliative care.

Higher Road is an assessment unit where vulnerable adults are referred to Brothers of Charity Services by the council, usually at short notice. Here, clients are assessed for 6 months before being moved to a location that suit their needs.

Recently, the team supported a client who really enjoyed living at Higher Road while his needs were assessed. Sadly, he became seriously ill during this time and was diagnosed with cancer of the gut and liver.

Due to the devoted team at Higher Road, this client was adamant that he wanted to remain at Higher Road until the end of his life. The staff team provided incredible palliative care, along with the support of district nurses and the local G.P. Initially, this client was only given around 4 weeks to live, however with the care and support of the staff he continued to live his life, defeating all odds, he passed away in February this year.