Going the Extra Mile, The Men’s Group

The men’s group was formed by Lee McClure and Pat Connelly in May 2015 due to day services across Liverpool city council being closed. Two clients that where in Lee’s locality approached him with concerns that they would be bored and had nothing to do with their time as the day centre they attended was closing down, so we discussed what they did at the day centre. Lee and Pat developed a questionnaire and distributed it around the localities with activities that they were thinking of introducing.

They realised that men’s health related issues were not being discussed across the Liverpool area in ways that the men supported could understand. They would often hide any health issues and not openly talk about them, so the Men’s Group was formed to tackle this.

The Men’s group started with 4 people and has now grown to a group averaging of up to 20 people on a regular basis but at times depending on what they are doing can be more, Brian Walker has also become involved as one of the organisers.

After feedback, the Men’s Group was set up to meet the last Thursday of every month to discuss men’s health  issues and educational programmes, in the Conference Room at Thingwall Hall, they use this meeting to implement an activity plan for the month. The group arranges places they would like to visit in the local community, such as The Space centre, driving range, Liverpool tennis tournament, disability cricket tournament, the world museum in Liverpool the glass centre. Also activities that they can take part in at Thingwall Hall including the traveling zoo, which encouraged learning about different animals and there is also many other destinations and places . The group also discuss fund raising for designated charities that they would like to raise money for this has ranged from Marie Curie, Brain Tumour Awareness, Testicular Cancer, Well Men’s Cancer, Addisons Disease and many other charities.

The Men’s Group also help out with functions that are regularly held by the Brothers of Charity Services in Merseyside, such as Summer Fairs, Health BOCs, Heritage Day and recently world book day.

The group cover a wide range of outcomes including Health and Wellbeing, education topics, Community participation and Community presence social inclusion socialisation ie meeting new friends and rekindling old friendships 

The Men’s Group is open to all men across the Merseyside Services and are always happy to help with any tasks that are put to them and always make people feel part of the group.

If you would like to be part of the Men’s Group, please contact Lee McClure, Pat Connelly or Brian  via Thingwall Hall on 0151 228 4439.